A lot of people were involved in the creation of mosaik and mosaik wouldn’t be what it is today without any of them:

  • Martin Tröschel and Astrid Nieße had the original idea for a tool that lets you integrate existing simulators to perform large-scale Smart Grid simulations. They also accompanied mosaik’s development many years as group and project leaders and provided the necessary time and resources for mosaik’s development.

  • Steffen Schütte wrote his PhD around mosaik. He and Stefan Scherfke are the primary authors of mosaik 1.

  • Ontje Lünsdorf not only contributed code to mosaik 1, but also a lot of ideas. He held countless discussions with Steffen and Stefan whose results often greatly improved mosaik.

  • Stefan Scherfke is the primary author of mosaik 2.0 and 2.1.

  • Sebastian Rohjans and Sebastian Lehnhoff accompanied mosaik’s development as group and scientific leaders. They also put lots of effort into making mosaik open-source software.

  • Okko Nannen and Florian Schlögl joined the team in May / July 2014.

We’d also like to thank everyone who worked with mosaik and gave us feedback to make it better.