In the basic tutorial you’ll learn how you can integrate simulators and control strategy into the mosaik ecosystem as well as how you create simulation scenarios and execute them.

In the first part, we’ll implement the Sim API for a simple example simulator. We’ll also create a simulation scenario in which that simulator will send its data to mosaik-hdf5 which will store it in an HDF5 database.

In the second part, we’ll also integrate a simple control mechanism into mosaik. We’ll then create a scenario in which that control mechanism controls the example simulator from part one.

The Odysseus tutorial you’ll learn how to connect the data-stream-management-tool Odysseus to mosaik. The second part shows some examples on how to use Odysseus. This tutorial may also be of some use when you want to connect any other component via ZeroMQ.

The Java API tutorial shows you how to use the Java API. This API is intended to connect simulators written in Java to mosaik. You can use the Java-API also as a RCP-Server if you want to run your Java-simulator on a separate machine.

Basic tutorial

Odysseus tutorial

Java API tutorial